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I like Tony Rock but he definitely shouldn’t be revoking ANYBODY’S black card after this… Trading Places??? Don’t get me wrong it was a funny movie but the funniest comedy of all time??? TF??? Over,… Coming To America, Harlem Nights, & Friday… somebody should take his damn card!! How is Trading Places the best black comedy of all time when Eddie Murphy was the only black character in the movie??? How to Sway??!!! He needs to have HIS black card revoked. It’s so many good ones I’m gonna have to go with the Friday franchise especially Next Friday or either Nutty professor. This nigga wouldn’t even win on his own show how in the hell is trading places the best when Harlem nights had all-time greats wtf was he thinking. Agreed more with his first movie cb4 as that was funny as Eddie Murphy was the only black actor in trading places the rest was white. Coming to America is strong but its too easy an answer! Friday is also a bit obvious! If I were looking for a more challenging answer I would mention Hollywood Shuffle because it was a catalyst for In Living Color, which was a conduit for just about every Black comedy for the next 20 years after 1990!